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AdR 2019/2020 al teatro Sanbàpolis

20/10/20 20:30 - 23:00 Teatro Sanbàpolis via Malpensada 82 - Trento

The first of the two final evenings of the ninth edition of the Literary Competition "L'Ateneo dei Racconti" 2019/2020 will be staged in the Sanbàpolis theater. Five of the ten selected finalists will present their performances to the public. These are the result of months of rehearsals and a large number of friends involved in the music, acting, video making, and animation, under the guidance of director Guido Laino.

A large jury made up of high school students from Trento and Rovereto (GGS) will vote for the best two performances, that will compete during the final evening, on 27 October.

Admission is free, with mandatory reservation to be made at this link:

 The entrance to the theater will take place in full compliance with anti Covid-19 measures.

Organized by: Opera Universitaria and ATU, with the financial contribution of Fondazione Trentino Università, in collaboration with Centro Teatro Trento, FA Bonporti Conservatory, and Scuola Holden Torino

Info. 0461 217445 -